It’s been said that the best program in the world in the hands of a mediocre leader is going to be a mediocre program. We don’t believe that you’re a mediocre leader; and at the same time we want to see you trained to be as successful as you possibly can.

To help you with that we’ve created the following training materials specifically to help you help students come to know, love, and serve Christ.

Who, Me? : A normal person’s guide to developing a healthy youth ministry

Complete with book, resource DVD, CD, group study material and links to online resources, this training program is the first step in preparing yourself to be the best youth leader you can be. A must-have for every leader who’s ever wondered, “Who, me?” about their involvement in youth ministry; this product responds with a resounding “Yes, you!”

Now What? : A normal person’s guide to next steps in developing a healthy youth ministry

This second volume of our main training line is the sequel to Who, Me? Also complete with a book, DVD, resource CD and access to online resources, Now What? (Volume 2) is the foundational training resource to apply to your ministry. After completing Who, Me?, this is the next step in building the healthy youth ministry God is calling you to be a part of.

All About Trek & Journey

Is your church interested in using Trek or Journey in its ministry? Looking for the place to begin in putting these programs to work? Use “Who, Me?” and “Now What?” to lay a foundation for healthy youth ministry, then use this guide as a tool to learn the specifics ins-and-outs of the Trek and Journey curriculum lines. [link to All About Trek & Journey PDF]