Three turbulent years of middle school.
Three great books to guide you through.

Roadsign Series
Recommended for the 2010-2011 ministry year.
Part 1 helps students get where they’re going by walking through the Bible – Genesis through Revelation. Part 2 is a study dealing
with the trials, temptations, and tough times of the Christian life.

Dashboard Series
Recommended for the 2011-2012 ministry year.
Part 1 is designed for you to help your students learn how to respond to God’s faithfulness by studying key figures from the Bible. Part 2 tackles the realities of life by studying 12 key questions asked by middle schoolers today.

Billboard Series recommended for the 2009-2010 ministry year
Part 1 covers lessons about God from Israel’s desert trek. Part 2 covers frequently asked questions about God and straight-
talk answers from Scripture.

All three series have complete Bible Studies, Compass Points, Leaders’ Guidebooks, and Jumpstart Video Clips available.

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