Citation Award
For young people involved in 24-7, earning the Citation Award is the ultimate achievement. It represents a minimum of 10 years worth of hard work and service. The Citation is their reward for having spent countless hours attending group meetings, working with children, getting involved in their communities, completing 10 years of biblically grounded curriculum and learning more than 700 Bible verses.

The Citation Award is more than just a plaque for your wall – it’s the memories, the accomplishment and internalized Scripture. That’s a lot to take with you. And you will take it with you. Some of you will become pastors, some missionaries, Bible scholars, moms and dads, business leaders, musicians, law enforcement and military personnel, athletes, artists and who knows what else.

But, even more than that, you are on a road that is being divinely directed. And the Lord will use your faithful work, your years of effort and the desire to serve Him – no matter where you end up in this world.

Citation achievement can also pay off in the form of college scholarships. Many Christian colleges offer financial incentives to Citation Award achievers. For a list of these schools, click here.

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