Finding a job with no education: Are honors and awards examples important for hiring

Most countries encourage young people to start earning money as early as possible. According to the psychologist Helen Morou, the early start of a career contributes to the formation of financial thinking: boys and girls acquire skills to manage money, begin to respect the work of other people and value their own, acquire social skills. Well, the support of parents in this matter in most cases is due to low income in the family.

Desire or need

Michal Ferguson is a programmer. Two years ago after graduation, he decided that he absolutely did not want to spend a few more years on his studies. It’s much more interesting to go to work. For a year and a half, Mike has been managing the Android software development department. He is satisfied with the decision and does not feel the need for money. Parents, despite the concern about the fate of their son, did not interfere with his choice of life.

Michal has many friends who have been trying to realize themselves since the age of fifteen. He says that modern companies evaluate employees based on their professional skills, rather than on the presence of honors and awards examples in their resumes. For them, age or diploma is not important. The main thing is to be a specialist.

The greatest difficulty in the work for our hero is the temper of temper. He makes a lot of efforts to take care of himself and take work moments calmly. An ardent disposition helps to achieve immediate goals, but it only harms the cause.

Ann Cerbie, a labor law specialist, went to a children’s camp ten years ago after graduation, but not to rest, but to work as maintenance staff. Parents then treated the choice with understanding and were even happy. Ann said that no difficulties arose. It was fun to work, as the team was the same age, and campers were not much younger.

This work experience did not bring any benefit, except for a small salary and positive emotions, since the work was able to combine with a summer vacation, says Ann. In the future, the girl received first secondary, and then higher specialized education and has been working in the field of HR administration and labor law for more than five years.

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A difficult age

An early career start gives young people the opportunity to quickly gain experience in the profession while their peers are still sitting at their desks. Helen Morou notes that there is a flip side to the coin. Youthful maximalism, in conjunction with the early start of work, often leads to disappointment: they begin to consider the chosen profession unpromising and untenable.

Often young men and women choose a job that does not require serious professional skills, a good resume. After all, a student who is going to work part time will not resort to the help of linkedin writing service to improve one’s social profile and solidity in the eyes of the employer, as a specialist with education would do. Such activities, giving the opportunity to earn good money, take a lot of time and effort. In such cases, there is a risk of losing interest in development, training and career growth. People simply get used to such a life.

The psychologist said that at work she often meets with young specialists who are experiencing severe “emotional fatigue” and depression. They are diagnosed with burnout syndrome.

Time to choose

For people who started their careers early, psychologists advise taking the time to diversify their lives. Try yourself in different areas. Every six months, change occupation, strive to diversify hobbies. Helen Morou emphasizes that youth is the time to look for yourself. The period of accumulation of knowledge and skills. You can not completely concentrate on one type of activity. Choosing a job instead of studying allows you to quickly become independent, but it can also become a reason for lagging behind your peers. Since there is simply no time left for the daily routine of development.

Youth is a time of searching for oneself. The period of accumulation of knowledge and skills. If you have the strength and desire, you can go to university and start training from an early course. Among his acquaintances there are people who have done so. They say that it’s really easier to learn, because from the inside you understand what knowledge is not enough for practice. They are sad that non-working fellow students do not understand this.

Giving preference to work or study, the young man makes his own choice. This choice may not coincide with the wishes of the parents, ideas of society or the interests of friends. It is important that work or study is not the only occupation for whoever chooses it. If possible, it is better to combine both the one and the other, because being young means developing in different directions.